About Home Hippo

Home Hippo Office Reception

Home Hippo is a real estate agency based in Kololo, Kampala. At Home Hippo our ethos is to provide all clients with a friendly, transparent and thoroughly professional service. We have always sought to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and, since the company was established at the beginning of 2013, we have maintained a reputation for integrity and discretion at the very top of the residential market in Central Kampala.

Customer care is at the heart of everything we do and our professional approach, enthusiasm, dedication and attention to detail ensure that our customers receive an outstanding service above and beyond what one might ordinarily expect.

What makes Home Hippo different?

  1. Home Hippo agent talking to a client
    Comfortable experience

    We understand that house hunting is a stressful job. So we created a welcoming and relaxing environment to give you a comfortable one-to-one experience, which helps to bring a pleasant property seeking experience to you.

  2. About HomeHippo.ug
    Easy to use website

    Your property hunting may start from an online search and going through different property websites. We design our website to make your search simple, easy, and have the most up-to-date information.

  3. Photography
    Detailed information

    We want to give you as much detailed information as possible to avoid wasting your time from viewing properties that don’t fit your criteria. So we take many photos, write detailed description and provide map and area guide for each property.

  4. Home Hippo agent listening to a client
    Deep understanding

    We listen to you and ask questions in order to understand exactly the kind of property you are looking for. We select and discuss housing options with you to make sure we are not going to waste your valuable time.

  5. Home Hippo vehicle
    Free viewing policy

    To make it convenient for you, we can drive you to and from viewings of the houses and apartments you are interested in, when our cars are available and you don’t have transport. There is no fee relating to this service.

  6. Home Hippo staff getting training
    Continual training

    We value each person that is working with us. That’s why we invest heavily in every employee’s ongoing development. After a new staff’s induction, a structured, one-to-one tuition will be given to help him or her becoming a professional.