The area is approximately seven kilometres from the city centre. It is a neighbourhood situated on Bugolobi hill. There is the newly built Village Mall with a range of facilities and it is within easy reaches of banks, supermarkets, markets, kindergartens, schools and restaurants, most of them being a few minutes' drive. Housing in Bugolobi comes in all shapes and sizes from apartments blocks and small bungalows to large houses with spacious grounds. The road network around the area is ideal for for walking, jogging and cycling.

Traffic & Transportation

Being close to the city centre and industrial area, the traffic can be a problem, as very many vehicles both passenger and goods carriers use these routes. Morning and evening hours can see particularly long queues of traffic along the main routes. The minor, residential roads, however, are relatively quiet.


On the lower reaches of the hill, to the northwest, the neighbourhood is contiguous with the city's industrial area. However, the commercial real estate in the neighbourhood is upscale. On the eastern slopes of the hill, is a large apartment complex with lower middle class tenants, where many young expatriate volunteers, teachers and aid workers live. The northern and southern slopes of the hill are occupied by residential bungalows with the size of the homes getting larger as you approach top of the hill. Most homes in the area are highly guarded by high walls and have security guards present 24 hours.


Found in the area is Bugolobi Village Mall with upmarket shops, cafes and restaurants. Bugolobi market, Nakumatt supermarket, Bamboo nest bar, restaurants, cafes and a number of banking facilities are all nearby.


Makerere University of Business Studies (MUBS) and Ambrosoli International School are located in this area as are a number of smaller kindergartens. GEMS international school has also recently opened in nearby Luzira.

Hospitals & Clinics

Paragon Hospital, a private hospital, is the area's most popular health centre.

Development & Trend

A number of commercial buildings are being constructed in Bugolobi, along the Port Bell road.