The area is a township within the city. It is bordered by Kisaasi to the north, Kigoowa to the northeast, Ntinda to the east, Kololo to the south, Kamwokya to the west and Kyebando to the northwest. It is also close to the Northern bypass highway. This location is approximately 6.5 kilometres (4.0 mi) by road, northeast of Kampala's central business district.
The Bukoto neighborhood is diverse and includes a variety of homes, from large private homes, large apartment buildings to small shared houses. Some neighborhoods in Bukoto have paved rounds and others are mostly dirt roads.

Bukoto along with the neighboring Kamwookya, are the location of many small Information Technology (IT) businesses in the city.

Traffic & Transportation

It is always difficult to travel along Bukoto during morning hours mainly between 6am-8am in the morning and between 3pm-8pm in the evening. The drive to town can take as long as 40 minutes in bad traffic and 15 minutes during normal hours. The condition of the roads is fairly good though with only a few pot-holes. Bukoto is also very close to Ntinda, a 5 minutes drive in no traffic, or 10-20 minutes in peak times.


Parts of Bukoto offer a village-like atmosphere within the city, with small shops, children playing in the streets, and people sitting around and talking. The mix of expertriates and local housing means the area feels a bit more like a neighborhood when compared to other places in Kampala where all the houses are behind gates. Security is fairly good in Bukoto.


The area has a few supermarkets, kindergartens (Hungry Caterpillar is the International one nearby), Kabira International School and a Country Club with swimming pool, tennis court, and gym (Kabira Country Club). It's also near Kisimenti, which offers a variety of restaurants and shops.


The area has a number of schools, with Kabira International School being the most recognised.

Hospitals & Clinics

The area has a number of hospitals and clinics including; Kampala Bukoto fertility hospital, Mulyamu Clinic Bukoto, Kadic hospital Bukoto, Kaserena children hospital Bukoto and Abba Pharmacy Bukoto.