Buziga is a middle class residential area which lies on the second highest hill in Kampala, approximately 7 km south of the city centre. There are some wonderful views of Lake Victoria and the surrounding area from the hill. It is a mix of older bungalows and newer up-scale housing developments. Buziga is a good location for people who work in Muyenga (also known as Tank Hill), Kasanga and Nsambya, where many NGOs (and the United States Embassy) have their offices. If you work in the city centre, you are advised to consider the time it will take you to travel backwards and forwards in the rush hours.

Traffic & Transportation

The main route from Buziga to the city centre is via Gaba Road which is an extremely busy road at any time of day. The morning and evening rush hours are particularly tough as traffic becomes dense as you near the clock tower and again as you approach Jinja Road. Minibus taxis and bodas ply the route and they usually manage to get through more quickly than other vehicles as they are ruthless, often causing the jams that leave other drivers frustrated. The price of a trip to the Cooper Complex, close to the old taxi park, is 1,500/= and the journey can be done in twenty minutes outside the rush hour on a good day, but in the rush hour it might take an hour or more. The same taxis can be used to reach Kabalagala and Nsambya which are on the route to the city centre. (There are numerous supermarkets, shops and banks in Kabalagala/Nsambya.)

If you have errands on Entebbe Road, or you need to get to the airport, you can avoid town by taking Lukuli Road and the back road from Makindye. However, this is one of Kampala's many infamous roads because of the numerous potholes.


As Buziga is a fairly new residential area there are still a lot of unspoilt green areas on which the developers have not yet started to build. Lake Victoria is just a stone's throw away, figuratively speaking. Buziga is generally quiet but as with most areas in Kampala there are various mosques, churches and bars that create a lot of noise pollution. On the other hand, the bars close much earlier than in other places, for example Kabalagala.
It is a relatively safe and secure environment but as with any of the more well-off areas of the city, it is advised to have security guards.


On the main road through Buziga there are two small supermarkets which sell the most essential everyday items. There is also a variety of small stores selling milk, soda, airtime, hardware, fruit and vegetables, etc. A place to watch the sunset over the lake is from the terrace of one of the hill's major attractions, Cassia Lodge, which has a fabulous lake view. (Besides having a bar and restaurant it has also a small swimming pool which is open to day guests at a reasonable fee which is currently 10,000/=). There are a couple of other hotels, namely the Buziga Country Resort and the Madagascar Hotel. For those who enjoy a bit, or a lot, of night life, you might want to check out Kabalagala which is a short distance from Buziga on the way to town. There you'll find a high concentration of bars and restaurant. Travelling in the other direction towards Monyono, there's the Speke Resort with an olympic size pool, The Bay restaurant and Miki's Pub.


Buziga hosts Kabojja International school.

Hospitals & Clinics

The nearest major hospitals are International Hospital Kampala (IHK) in Muyenga and St. Francis Hospital Nsambya, (also known as Nsambya Hospital).

Development & Trend

Buziga is rapidly developing into one of Kampala's more attractive residential areas. You find large houses on top of the hill and apartment blocks lower down. If you are considering renting or buying a home there, you are advised to investigate how quickly empty plots in the area are going to be developed. Construction work is noisy and it creates a lot of dust, and fine views can soon disappear if a new building goes up next door or in front of you.