Kololo is one of the older residential areas. It dates back to the colonial era and it is decidedly up-market. Not only is it adjacent to Nakasero, where Kampala’s central business district is located, but it remains a very pleasant place to live. You can still find fine old gracious houses in lush gardens and the further up the hill you go, the more fabulous the views. Many diplomats reside in Kololo, as do well-to-do Ugandans.

Kololo is within easy reach of banks, petrol stations, clinics, kindergartens, schools, restaurants and lots of good shops and shopping malls. Lugogo and Forest Malls on the Lugogo Bypass, Garden City and Oasis Malls on Yusuf Lule Road and Acacia Mall on Acacia Avenue are within 10 minutes drive.

If you’re looking for a home with hardwood floors and verandas, this is the place to look. If you’re looking for a modern flat with lots of glass, this is also the place to look. Housing in Kololo comes in all shapes and sizes. Rents are generally higher than elsewhere, but not necessarily much higher.


The hill is quite a large one and it is serviced by a good network of tarred roads which are fairly well maintained. The peripheral roads are quite congested, particularly in the rush hour, but the minor roads are fairly quiet. This makes it a good area for walking, jogging and even cycling.

Kololo Airstrip is an expanse of land which serves as an army helicopter landing site, a military parade ground, and a venue for large functions such as evangelical crusades, concerts and national prayer days. Such functions are not held every week, and not even every month, but you will be disturbed when such an event is being held. The sound is usually very loud: people living nearby don’t need to buy an entrance ticket in order to hear what is going on.


Acacia Avenue (officially John Babiha Avenue) which crosses Kololo from Yusef Lule Road to Kira Road is a very busy road. It is home to an interesting mix of venues: the Golf Club, two large hotels, restaurants, night clubs, a yoga centre, the Red Cross offices, residences, and the newly completed Acacia shopping mall. Adjacent to Acacia mall, tucked away on Cooper Road, is Kisimente, a shopping centre where there are also cafés, pubs, restaurants, supermarkets and pharmacies.

Centenary Park and Hotel Africana which lie at the Jinja Road end of Wampewo Avenue are sources of loud music, particularly at weekends.

Development & Trend

There are many new developments in the area and businesses are creeping in. Hotels, office blocks, and restaurants are replacing residences in the lower part of Kololo, causing an increase in the amount of traffic, noise and pollution. Many building sites operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.