Mbuya lies east of the city centre (Kampala Road). It is a relatively small residential area, dominated by Mbuya Hill. Mbuya is becoming increasingly popular because it is within a reasonable distance of the city and shops; it is still relatively green and unpolluted; and there are fine views of the lake from several parts of the hill.

Traffic & Transportation

During the morning and evening rush hours, traffic is heavy in Mbuya itself and on the access roads. It takes 30-40 minutes to reach the city (Nakasero) in the morning and 30-60 minutes to get back in the evening. During the day the same journey takes about 20 minutes each way.


Some residents living on the hill, particularly those whose homes face the lake, complain that they are frequently disturbed at night by loud music and noise from the bars and discotheques in the valley, and from the churches and mosques. Much of the noise comes from Kitintale, Luzira and Bugolobi. People have moved away from the hill because of the noise, but the majority learn to live with it with the help of ear plugs. Residents lodge collective complaints with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) from time to time and action is taken, improving the situation for a while.

Another major player on the hill is the Roman Catholic Church. The Vatican has its embassy there and Our Lady of Africa Catholic Church is a focal point for both religious and social development activities. The outreach programme for HIV positive people – the Roses of Mbuya – is internationally well-known.


There are plenty of shops, ATMs, banks and petrol stations along Port Bell Road and in Bugolobi, the neighbouring suburb. Bugolobi has also a market, restaurants, bars and hotels. Lugogo and Forest Shopping Malls are also within easy reach.


There are reputable kindergartens and an international school (Amboseli) in Bugolobi, the neighbouring suburb.

Hospitals & Clinics

The Ministry of Defence lies at the top of Mbuya Hill and for years the hill also housed a military barracks and a military hospital. A number of soldiers are still billeted there, but the barracks and hospital have been moved elsewhere. It is said that the land that housed the hospital has been sold for development.

Development & Trend

There is a lot of construction going on so the availability of housing is increasing steadily. There are a number of detached houses with sizeable gardens but more and more apartment blocks are being built, some of them in compounds with lush gardens and facilities such as gyms and swimming pools.