Mpererwe is a neighbourhood in the Kampala city.
It approximately lies 10 kilometres (6.2mi) by road north of kampala central business district.


Mpererwe is a trading center that is gradually turning into a busy commercial area in northern Kampala. Schools, gas stations, small-scale factories, hospitals and a cinema hall are all found in in this neighborhood. In a significant percentage of homes in the area, up to 50% by some estimates, backyard "urban agriculture" is practiced. Due to the rapid urbanisation rate coupled with high unemployment, particularly among young people, the area is prone to high crime.


Muyingo & Sons Shopping Store - A local supermarket
Mpererwe Cinema Hall - A private movie theatre
Mpererwe Super market.


Mpererwe Church of Uganda Primary School - A mixed, day, elementary school, affiliated with the Church of Uganda.
Faith a senior secondary school a private non- residential secondary school (S1-s4) affiliated with the islamic faith.

Hospitals & Clinics

St. Stephen's Mpererwe hospital,- a private 100- bed community hospital affiliated with church of Uganda.

Development & Trend

The place is significantly changing from an agricultural Into a commercial Area.