Munyonyo is an area on the northern shores of Lake Victoria and is part of the metropolitan area of the city of Kampala. Munyonyo is located approximately 13 kilometres (8.1 mi), by road, southeast of Kampala's central business district.


Munyonyo is home to some of Kampala's upscale resorts: Speke Resort & Conference Center and Commonwealth Resort, bordered by Lake Victoria to the south.

It is a very peaceful neighbourhood with very little traffic, noise and has the feel of being out of Kampala due to the proximity to Lake Victoria.


Speke Resort & Conference center is on the lake. It has large grounds to walk around, a large gym and swimming pool, bar and restaurant. Next door is The Bay restaurant, a bistro style restaurant with lawn onto the lake. There are no large supermarkets in the area, but Reggis on Wavamuno road will cater for all your needs. Miki's bar is the main bar in the area, serving cold beers and simple pork/ chicken and chips. There is also an Iranian bar/ restaurant serving drinks and pizzas, which is next to the one petrol station in the area, Hertz. There are numerous new apartment blocks, many of which contain serviced apartments which can be let for short term lets. They tend to have balconies overlooking the lake.


There are a few local schools dotted about Munyonyo, mainly Mild Care Parents school, Munyonyo High School (Naluvule Campus) and Munyonyo Primary School.

Hospitals & Clinics

A Public Health Clinic administered by Kampala Capital City Authority, is the most health facility relied on.

Development & Trend

There is a lot of building work in the area, mostly flats and large houses overlooking the lake.