Find property to rent in Naguru - Kampala

$6,000 per month Unfurnished

This is a maginificent house located in the most secure and safest areas of Naguru. It a beautiful house constructed basing on the European style. It has a spacious living room, selfcontained rooms and a big kitchen with nice fittings. The garage is big enough to accomodate 2 cars, the...

$3,700 per month Furnished or Unfurnished

The new luxurious apartments in Naguru come in different architerial designs to suit the needs ot a client. They have British,Italian, American and European styles. The furniture is very nice and durable, made from mahogany as well as doors and other fittings in the kitchen and...

$3,500 per month Unfurnished

Set on top of the hill in Naguru, this magnificent and spacious home is all you've been looking for and more. A well lit and modern living room ushers you into the house, and leads you to the dining room next to the well fitted kitchen. There's an en-suite bedroom downstairs and 3...

$3,500 per month Unfurnished

A maginificent house in Naguru overlooking Kololo hill with a beautiful view. It is a flat that is so well mantained with a unique architeral design. It has a big garden for relaxation and hosting parties at home. The kitchen is so beautiful and the bathrooms as well. It has 4 bedrooms...

$3,500 per month Unfurnished

A nice colonial house with a swimming pool and a big garden. It has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It has a staff quarter of 2 rooms, a well fitted kitchen and bathrooms.

$3,400 per month Unfurnished

This House is located in Naguru along one prominent surburbs. The House has enough parking space and a very spacious garden. The houses has 7 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms. Itis enclosed inside a high perimeterconcrete wall. The house sits in a peaceful neighborhood. It has a guest wing...

$3,000 per month Unfurnished

A beautiful bungalow located in the a very secure part of Naguru. It has 5 bedrooms. 4 bathrooms, a large livingroom, a well fitted kitchen. A staff quarter has 2 rooms with a bathroom and kitchen. The parking yard can accomodate close to 6 cars and there is a garden as well.

$2,500 per month Unfurnished

It is a 4 bedroom house with a nice compound. It is a bangulow built in ancient time. It is we ll kept and mantained as well. The location is very good, it is on a hill with a very nice view yet the area itself is very quiet and so very secure.

$2,500 per month Unfurnished

This is a modern villa located in the recommendable surbubs of the Naguru in Kampala. It is storeyed with 3 bedrooms on the upper floor and guest room in the back quaters. All materials and products used in the construction of this structure where imported from Europe. All the...

$1,500 per month Unfurnished

This three bedroom bungalow is nicely tucked along a prime street in the highly residential Naguru area.
It has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a modern kitchen, spacious lounge and dining area.
There is an extra en-suite room that could double as a guest bedroom or...